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Evolution of Civilization: “Clothes make us Human”



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1 of 6 volumes, over 441 illustrated pages researched from original images starting with Fur, Leather, Wool, Cotton, Silk, Flax and Hemp. Images are not in strict chronological order. A life-story of the development of clothes to the present day. A worldwide illustrated study over the many thousands of years. A teaching aid in the creative ability we all have to over-come the violence we have in the world today. Weaving was much slower in some hot and cold countries. It took up to 10’s of 1000’s years to develop.

To think outside the box, is an evolutionary ability of our human’s belief to study for ourselves, within their study of nature. Source material is taken from ancient marble bronzes and statues, wall paintings, commissioned paintings, reconstructions, reference books, prints and re-enactment photographs, some made of religious carvings. Clothes make us Human, volume 1 of 6 is my own effort to explain pictorially how the art of weaving developed all over the world in different centuries. Most images are from my own collection of new and old books, and with the help of the Internet, Google, Wikipedia and the many specialist websites.

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My collection of illustrated pages from the best antiquarian and old books available. All 6 volumes each reflect a progression, each century with its own taste, of style and materials within the technology of the day. From black and white to full colour, all mixed with the occasional new photographic image to back up the total number of prints brought together for the first time. It will give the reader a true record of CLOTHING inventiveness, in 6 volumes with step-by-step images. Understanding social history gives us an insight into a balanced approach to do better in the future.

The choice of clothing materials and styles is a constant process of mixing old and new together. Many ethnic groups’ National Costumes are also changing. We all share a pride in others looks and appearance, to stand out from the crowd and be noticed by our peers. We should be proud of our heritage in and around the world, to educate, think outside the box. In a free society we have to earn that privilege. To concentrate building values, not destroying them. We should all trade with common standards of weights, measures and electronic money.