Group Captain Philip Langrill OBE: Talks to G.E.S. Part 1 DVD 7



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Birds, insects, animals and fish have been flying for millions of years, while mankind’s ability to fly is a very recent phenomenon.

This fully illustrated ebook explains the physics behind flight (thrust, drag, lift, weight) and looks at various types of ‘flying machines’ including gliders, balloons and parachutes.

The book is based around a series of lectures given by Group Captain Philip Langrill OBE to the Gwynedd Engineering Society.

During his career in the RAF, Mr Langrill experienced at first hand the developments in aerodynamics which saw a transition from piston powered light aircraft to jet propelled fighter planes.

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Group Captain Philip Langrill OBE: Talks to G.E.S. No. 7 DVD PART 1 of 2
Introduction: RAF Ups and Downs Movie
over 60 min. Stills Index
INTRODUCTION: illustrated with 25 pages “Ups and Downs of Flying”
Birds, Insects and bats
have been flying for millions of years, mankind for just 100 years. We should thank our great pioneers who showed us how to fly. Each pilot was like a soldier who goes to war with the risk of being killed, or perhaps a racing car drivers, just wishes to win.
With ever bigger and faster aircraft, a new science was born, that of aerodynamics of Thrust, Drag, Lift & Weight. New designs made possible by computers, and new materials and fuels with a low carbon footprint. We have gone from piloted to automatic navigation to Drones remotely controlled in the last 50 years. From balsa-wood to super laminated light weigh materials, strong and able to withstand high temperatures. Our world was the garden of Eden is becoming over-crowded. We need to change to recycling all waste. A Consuming-Society has-to-design all products to be reusable and not just discarded.

Our Lecture is by Group Captain Philip Langrill OBE, RAF Ups and Downs, fully illustrated with slides.
A light-hearted evening for members to learn about the the trials and tribulations of a keen trainee glider-pilot. He took to the sport of flying with the result of signing up for a career in the RAF for the next 35 years, ending up being the commanding officer at RAF Valley. Our lecture was fully illustrated with slides describing each autobiographical event in great-detail.
The lecture took on the air of an after-dinner talk with peels of laughter after every joke and revelation. A banjo playing instructor confused his pupil to mix-up  the speedometer with the altimeter. After Phil Langrill leant to fly, most planes were jet fighters. He was promoted to instructor to train large numbers of new pilots required in ever increasing numbers. For the next 50 years there were large numbers of newer and faster jets The old piston engine pilots had to be very careful not to run out of aviation fuel (paraffin) as the new jets soon ran out of fuel: speed-distance-fuel-ratio, forcing the pilots to bail out or worse.
Paperwork was very important recording of every detail of maintenance, health & safety, and near misses. Air traffic control standards steadily increased, only 351 mid-air collisions an odd 3 together or one must have landed, to peels of laughter.
Introduction pages are before the movie (they are a good teaching aid, and nicely help explain the “Ups and Downs” Lecture.

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