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This ebook is based around a series of lectures given by Group Captain Philip Langrill OBE to the Gwynedd Engineering Society.

During his career in the RAF, Mr Langrill experienced at first hand the developments in aerodynamics which saw a transition from piston powered light aircraft to jet propelled fighter planes.

This fully illustrated book explains the physics behind flight (thrust, drag, lift, weight) and looks at various types of ‘flying machines’ including gliders, balloons and parachutes.

Topics discussed include: electric powered aircraft; how to glide; pitching, rolling and yawing; flying with four wings; and dangerous flying manoeuvres.

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Introduction to Flying Discipline, extract from RAF Ups and Downs Lecture: for the Young at Heart with 100’s of illustrations and 120 pages EBOOK DVD11:

Author & Publisher: Michael Robert Mumford

ALL 3 Lectures make a stand-alone fully interactive Flip-Page PDF eBook each

page explains the theory and practice of flying with a few keywords.

Wings force the air downward and pushes the plane upward.

Ups and Downs: Thrust, Drag, Lift & Weight Gliders; Birds Flying,

Flying Animals; Flying Fish & Frogs; Balloons & Parachutes; Inventions.

Electric powered Aircraft. How to Glide, Neutral Balance Pitching,

Rolling and Yawing; Flying with 4Wings. Drone Safety; Dangerous Maneuverer’s

Parachutes flying like large wings. RAF Dog Training School; Past and Present,

Into the Future; Martin-Baker Ejector Seats. Men and Women can be trained

in all services, so much been owed by so many to so few.

Our FULL DVD11 is a fully illustrated 120 page INTRODUCTION taken from 3 lectures

given by Group Captain Phil Langrill OBE, his movie mp4 and lecture: RAF Ups and Downs

from 1950 to 1990. On DVD 10 Landscape. A light-hearted evening for members to learn about the trials and tribulations of a keen trainee glider-pilot, who took to the sport of flying.

Signing up for a career in the RAF for the next 35 years, he ended up as the Commanding

Officer at RAF Valley. Our lecture was fully illustrated with slides describing each

autobiographical event in great detail. The lecture took on the air of an after-dinner talk

with peals of laughter after every other revelation.