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The complete development of Early Experimental Ideas, Invention & Design from 1830-1930, starting with the old Military and Naval Signal Flags still in use today, each flag spells an alphabetic message, letter by letter.

The next stage was the electric telegraph, the switching of electric current and needles, spelling out a letter-coded message. Finally, the speaking telephone, now the mini-computer: camera /smartphone we know today, with easy downloads.

1.21 Early Experimental Ideas, Invention & Design: 1830-1930 Harrison Gray Dyar, William Fothergill Cooke, Charles
Wheatstone and Samuel Morse, using diffent methods of experimental and practical switching, to recording sound 1860 and
the Reis Transmitter, (all developed before A.G. Bell invented his telephone).
2.16 Pioneer Amateur & Professional Scientists, Engineers: Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Henry and Alfred Vail.
3. 5 Examples of Early Telegraph/Telephones, original & modern reproductions.
4.29 Many new Telephone Companies: The Bell Telephone Company 1877, The National & International 1879, The American
Telephone & Telegraph Co.1899 and General Post Office, UK 1878.
5.18 Examples of early Construction & Operation of manual exchanges, Aerial lines and underground, Public kiosks K1-8,
Police boxes, Automobile AA and RAC kiosks. Telephone engineers and transport 1860-1960.
6.18 Europe quickly followed: British L.M.Ericsson Manufacturer Co.1903, G. Maconi, The Wire
less Telegraph & Signal
Co.1909, The Plessey Co. 1917. Each country had its own state run public Telephone Systems.
7.28 Telephone History Visual Index with 114 engravings, all originals, Catalogue Images for research.
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