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telephone invention

Telephone Invention and History GB: World eBook Educational Guide.

This visual history starts in Britain, Europe and America.
A full visual telephone history, invention and design.
With the telegraph spanning the whole world, overland
and under oceans, making possible the miracle of instant communication we expect and take for granted today.

Showing the first K1 Kiosk to the latest K8 Kiosk, Police Information Blue Box, RAC and AA Kiosks are well represented.
The manufacturing and design history can be traced.
Kiosks are being restored and given a new lease of life,
By finding new uses for our redundant Telephone Kiosks.
The public can start by asking BT if they would maintain them for a new use such as emergency/health/police/pay telephone or tourist information, St John Ambulance and even fit defibrillators for a trained person to use.
By re-using our redundant kiosks, it would help prevent them being neglected and wasted, and target for vandals. The public should have common ownership, and anyone damaging this public property would have the public to answer to.
This download is an eBook will be updated with new material showing the first telephone directories and examples of setting up early telephones companies.