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Telephone History, Invention and Design


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This 144-page ebook covers the development of telegraphic ideas and equipment from 1830-1930.

Topics covered include:

  1. Early experiments and designs: Harrison Gray Dyar, William Fothergill Cooke, Charles Wheatstone, Samuel Morse and the Reis Transmitter.
  2. Pioneer amateur and professional scientists and engineers: Alexander Graham Bell, Joseph Henry, Alfred Vail.
  3. Examples of early telegraph and telephone equipment.
  4. Telephone companies: The Bell Telephone Company 1877, The National & International 1879, The American Telephone & Telegraph Co.1899 and the UK General Post Office 1878.
  5. Examples of early construction and operation of manual exchanges; aerial and underground lines; public kiosks, police boxes, and AA and RAC kiosks.
  6. British companies: L.M. Ericsson Manufacturing Co.1903, G. Marconi 1963, The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Co.1909, The Plessey Co. 1917.