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Vivian Hughes at Quarry Hospital Llanberis. Part 5


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Using archive and recent footage, this video shows what life was like for the men working at the Dinorwic quarry in Llanberis, North Wales.

The quarry was suddenly closed in 1969 and many items were sold off before agreement was reached to create the National Slate Museum to help preserve the heritage of the quarry and the men who worked there.

Hugh Richard Jones, the quarry’s former chief engineer, was appointed manager of the museum.

Running for over two hours, this video includes information on the quarry closure and sale, and the creation of the Slate Museum which was made possible by funding from the National Lottery.

In particular, the video features a talk by Vivian Hughes about his time living at the Quarry Hospital where his father, Griffith Samuel Hughes, worked as a medical officer from 1909-1962, looking after the health of some 3,000 quarrymen.